Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Why Stalling?

From a source, "The PA is purposely stalling this week to avoid the press and get this discussion to Austria. They know they have lost, and the fear is that when the sides next talk they will have to give in to the NHL's demands. The players going to the Worlds are telling Bob to get it done prior so there will be no distractions during the tournament. Bob is hoping to fly his antics under the radar, and there is no better place than Innsbruck."

Where will we end up? A source close to the negotiations said this..."The high end will be 43ish the low 30 with some sort of luxury tax at 37. Very frustrating because we all knew where the numbers would be two years ago give or take a couple hundred thousand..The first story written at the end of the lockout will be "Why were we put through this for this obvious solution"

More on the pre-season tournament...The NHL marketing team is working on options, but it could start in August...

no chat today...possibly this evening...

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