Sunday, April 03, 2005


What will the PA do?

That is the question. They are adamantly denying that they are making a proposal tomorrow..The NHL is saying they don't expect a proposal and are just hoping for good dialogue....

"Remember that time when we almost uncancelled the season..When we threw 66 an 99 under the bus"
"Hey, how about that time reporters had to buy tickets to get through the gates in Chicago?"
"Remember that night we decided to exchange our letters in the press after we held meetings in Secret Locations?"
"Yeh, and how about trying to find a hotel on Valentine's Day in Niagara Falls?'
"wow....good times..."
"Remeber when we realized the game was bigger than either of wait that didn't happen"

Dialogue...What can they possibly have to say to each other besides..."Give me a proposal we can negotiate off of!"

This is what I am confidant saying...The speculated NHLPA proposal exists...It is the fruits of the three day meeting...Will Goodenow bring it out tomorrow? Will he, as one reporter speculated to me, "wait until 15 minutes after all deadlines have past in true Goodenow fashion."

I will be on top of it all day on Monday...

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