Thursday, April 21, 2005


Very Close

From a top NHL source: "I really don't anticipate a problem on the revenue sharing element -- either from the Union or from the Clubs. I think we're in agreement on the general magnitude that will be needed. I think the optimism has to come from the fact that we're already a good way down the road toward a solution -- we have a reset of the marketplace {the 24% Rollback}, a commitment to meaningful systemic changes that should eliminate many of the previously "inflationary" elements of the system, an agreement on the concept of a salary cap on team payroll, and an agreement to link the level of the cap to the level of League-wide revenues. Now, its just a matter of negotiating the magnitude of the range and the level of the upper limit."

The NHLPA still is showing a resistance to negotiate those aspects, but with all other obstacles cleared it really is a matter of time. reports are that Bob is stalling scheduling more meetings, still upset with the events that transpired with Jacobs...

"He can't stall forever." the source went on to say.

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