Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Unrestricted Free Agents

Great Article....

I was working on this exact same story. Many players that are in their prime may be able to become unrestricted free agents...the problem with this is , given a salary cap, such a scenario would end up killing the third and fourth line guys...Once again we will see who the PA is making their deal for...If they are stalling to get these guys UFA then this deal is being made for the rich players, because having an overload of UFA will squash the average player in a capped NHL.

This is a huge issue, and may be behind the recent stall by the PA. The owners are going to have to make some sort of compromise to get out of this situation...this is Bob's leverage right now...stay tuned...I have a lunch today with a major player in this...Check the blog early afternoon...

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