Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Today's Recap

I apologize for not alot of updates today, but I took the light day (before the next two days which should be crazy) to interview some of the best hockey writers in the country for a story I am writing for Inside Hockey...I talked to Kevin Allen (USA TODAY), Kevin Greenstien (INSIDE HOCKEY) Tim Panaccio (PHILLY INQUIRER), Helene Elliott(LA TIMES), Kevin Paul Dupont (BOSTON GLOBE), Kevin Gibson (MOJO RADIO TORONTO)..It is amazing to hear what these top hockey writers have to say about this lockout and how it has affected them...I have a few more people to talk to for the story...These guys and gal really understand what has gone on and each has a great spin on it. It will be a long story that is for sure...each interview could easily be a feature piece. They all have very different views.

If you are thinking of becoming an Eklund Insider and getting the e-mails with extra info, this next week will be worth well more than the tiny $10///you will get all the info first, and extra tidbits...You can join in the upper right...So far 90% that have joined have been Canadian...So where are the fans south of the border? In other news the money is going towards the website which is in my guess less than a week away. Stay Tuned! Maybe we'll be talking Free Agents a week or two from now...wouldn't that be nice?

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