Sunday, April 03, 2005


To Propose or Not to Propose....

The Boston Globe is also reporting the NHLPA proposal...

Bob McKenzie, whom I have respected for years, chimed in to HFBoards about his thinking that the rumored deal is completely false.... Bob usually knows his stuff, so who knows? I will say that this proposal has legs beyond "the blogs." I have heard several variations from various sources..some that are so close to the principals you'd have to assume they know something concrete..If the NHLPA does show up tomorrow without a proposal and just more of the song and dance then it is obvious egos have taken over common sense...I say this with fear for the players, many of whom I speak to on a regular basis. This has to start being about their families and stop being about principle...Many of us hate our bosses, and whether you are in the right or not at some point you realize that if this is the best job you are going to get, you take it. No one disputes that their boss can be unreasonable, but if this goes to impasse and replacements every player is hurting themselves, by trying to help themselves...What really disturbs me is the ones doing the talking are the ones that have made their money...For the guy who may have had a one or two year career, a career that would have opened doors for the future (camps, coaching, etc.) It will never happen...Time to put all else aside and think about that...Just my opinion..

Also, apparently there will be a bunch of GMs, Owners and Players - besides the fab 4 (Gary, Bill, Ted and Bob) at the meetings tomorrow in an undisclosed location in Toronto

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