Monday, April 11, 2005


Talks Go Underground. Players Prepared

Rumor: Word tonight that the PA is preparing player reps for the procedure that will have to occur quickly should a deal need to be ratified by the union...They are educating the reps to field questions pertaining to the deal that is being discussed...Also many rumors that the two sides may be meeting in secret as early as Tuesday in NY...One Source added: "Don't expect the next round of talks to be in the public eye. They are on sensitive ground and they came to an agreement that they should work these next levels of negotiations as quickly and clandestine as possible. I agree with this decision."

Both sides appear to be working from the same spot said another source, "They each feel that they don't want the other side to have too much time to dissect this deal...they both feel they are pulling the wool over the other's is fascinating to say the least."

One creditted Mike Gartner and Bill Daly..."Those two are the voice of reason currently."

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