Monday, April 04, 2005


Talks Continue...Progress Definite

There is a long way to go, but I am told that today the first steps towards settling this dispute, real honest steps, took place..From a source, "The rumor is the PA made it clear they want to settle and will negotiate as long as it takes , they started the meeting by rejecting the last two proposals, but then made a passionate statement regarding the damamge that ws done to the game so far and how both sides need to stop the bleeding...they said the players are prepared to do their part."

I am also be told, just a rumor, that the the PA did indeed introduce several aspects of the rumored deal including a franchise player and baseball style arbitration...I also heard that a large section of the talks focused around a luxury tax system, and the NHL was more receptive than anyone expected..

On source, basing his speculation on a phone conversation he had, said this, "The attitude was new.the air was is deal making time. For the first time the showboating was gone or at least greatly diminished. The entire last season both sides had a certain swagger.The owners were content with the season being cancelled if need be, and the players never thought the owners would actually do it. So the players waited for the owners to fold...Now both sides have grown up, so to speak...they realize the terrible thing that has occurred and they know they need to work together.that is the most encouraging aspect of today.both sides have been humbled by the hit and realize that the sport is in grave danger."

As far as real progress entry level contracts and free agency were very close....They aren't the great issues, but they are a stepping stone.

The two sides will spend a few days working on certain aspects by themselves and get back together in person on Thursday or Friday, however it is likely certain negotiations will go on during the week,,,

Thanks to the many who have bought the e-mail service...we are still a long way off from what we need to raise, so tell your friends...there is cool extra info for your $10.....

Been a long day...staring at a screen...good night.

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