Thursday, April 21, 2005


The Shifting Leverage of Replacement Players

So many of you are probably thinking, "Why would the NHL give the NHLPA back leverage by removing the threat of replacement players?" Believe it or not, as the NHL sees it replacement players were being used as leverage by Goodenow...

from a source "The rumor is that Bob was telling his guys that they should wait it out, wait for replacement players to fail. The players were going along with it because either way, even if it didn't fail, they would see paychecks in the fall...implying that some would cross...and realize the ones who would cross were the ones that need the money the most....these are the guys that are the bain of Goodenow's other words the ones who need money are weren't pushing the PA that hard because they knew they were going to see money soon...The NHL just took that away."

Another source," There were so many GMs against it, taking the replacement player option off the table was easy."

Another source..."Look for the next move to be, should these rounds of talks fall apart, the NHL will come out and say if there is no deal in place by "x" date there will be no possible season until January. The owners aren't opposed to a short season, as they believe there will be more profit in a shorter season...the players can't lose all those checks..."

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