Friday, April 29, 2005


Rumors on the Fringe

As next week approaches and both sides are really tight with info I thought it would be a good time to review some rumors that are what I call "Rumors from the Fringe." These are strong sources, but usually are too controversial to ever get confirmation on. So these are fun to discuss.

Yesterday the PA made another move in BC and Quebec aimed to make replacement players harder still for the NHL. The NHL doesn't have a slightest inclination to go with replacement players, but the PA was probably smart covering their bases anyway. It actually was viewed in most circles as another move to make it appear like a deal isn't as cloes as all indications point it is. But the PA is trying to gain any leverage possible going into these final weeks before the new CBA is signed, sealed and delivered.

But let's pretend all falls apart in Austria..what will the next move be? One source, very much in a spot to know such things, said it is then we will finally see exactly how bad the situation can get. "I wouldn't be surprised, and it has been strongly hinted to me, that a half a dozen teams may come out and make a joint statement saying they will be forced to fold if a CBA is not signed by July 1. The result of such a statement would force both sides into over-drive. It wouldn't be a threat by the NHL...It would be the owners directly stating what is very true. Six teams are in serious trouble and even assurances from the NHL aren't enoough to keep them going. Suddenly the PA would be faced with losing 20% of their jobs."

What else is on the fringe? The Bain Group. "To talk to them they are in this for the long run. They believe they can make the NHL a top 4 league. They will never get certain owners to sell, but there are many, many that would love to get out. Look for the Bain Group to partner up with the real hockey people owners. It is very possible that the Bain Group plus 6 or 7 current owners will buy out the rest of the league. If Austria goes badly, the price drops further, and this will be THE NEWS in June."

Stay tuned....I have contacts in Austria and I will be reporting back often as the talks heat up. Good time to become and Insider. Only $10...chock full of info!:...:)

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