Wednesday, April 13, 2005


RUMOR:PA Stalls as Talks Go Well

From a source: "With a deal looming the PA has pulled back and said that no further discussions can occur until the sides meet face to face...this despite the NHL feeling the deal is "right in our grasp"...Many details were worked on internally and between the sides via faxes, e-mails, courier pigeons, etc...From what I am hearing the PA has either decided to look further into some details or is playing the waiting game in hopes that the NHL will get skitterish as the BOG approaches....such a strategy appears short sighted as the NHL is very united as far as we can see...the only issue hanging out there being if all teams are willing to field replacement players...pretty much a non-issue..."

Another source:"I hear rumblings in the PA leadership about concern over if this is the best deal to be had..."

A collective......"UGH!" from the hockey world

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