Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Revenue Sharing and the BOG

That is what everyone is wondering this morning...In the players heads, if the owners agree to serious revenue sharing than all other issues will be negotiated quickly. Getting the top teams, who feel they have earned the right to make extra based on years of great marketing and team/logo building, to give that extra to lesser teams who either through bad management or a bad situation aren't profiting is a tough sell. There are basically two kinds of teams that need revenue shared with them.

1. Edmonton and Calgary. Two teams with great hockey traditions and fans... just happen to be in smaller markets. The importance of keeping these teams alive should not be missed. Consider all the great history and even more so the kids who grow up an become NHL players in Alberta. You need to keep out there. For these teams rev sharing is important, but a salary cap that allows them to compete is more so...

2. Florida, Nashville, Carolina, Anaheim, etc. Expansion Teams/Southern Teams that were brought into the NHL to give the league a National footprint for a TV contract that never happened. These cities have developed great fans, and the franchises are working their tails off to educate a society to the the sport. You owe these franchises revenue sharing for at least a few years. You brought them into this mess, you took their expansion money, it isn't their fault that folks in Tennessee will watch Nascar over hockey. they deserve a shot for the fans who support the teams, and the players who play for them.

So today's Board of Governors will be about revenue sharing, and I don't expect it to be too much about replacement players. I think you will see, with the talks heating up in the next few weeks, no talk of replacement players until around May 10.

Last week Bettman went to Toronto to try and convince Toronto to share. I am told, by multiple sources, that Toronto looks to be into revenue sharing for 3-5 years while the group 2 teams try to establish themselves. "We're not carrying them forever," One source said.

Toronto is vital...With Toronto's acceptance should come the other big teams.

This revenue sharing may be the famous "bone to throw" the PA. Once the owners agree to real revenue sharing there will be no excuses for the PA not to negotiate, and move off their number.

There is much written about the NHL being fractured today by replacement players and revenue sharing...I don't believe that is the case. Teams will use replacement players if the NHL decides to go that way. There are teams that don't want to...Many GMs steadfast against it, but they will do what they are asked to do...Remember there were teams that didn't want to lockout the players and we all know how that went.

That being said, I still firmly believe that replacement players aren't the option yet.

If there is no deal by May 15th, everything changes again...

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