Friday, April 01, 2005


Owners Extend Olive Branch

I just talked at length to a few players, as well as someone close to the NHL side and he said the following, "We are hearing a proposal is coming and they are telling us we will like what we see. We have extended the olive branch and fully hope this is a serious attempt to understand and bridge the gap. Not since December's rollback proposal have we been this optimistic regarding a PA proposal. We want to work with the players and give the fans back their sport. That is our sole intention. All other legal avenues that we have been working on are "just in case" measures, and the PA is understanding of our need to protect ourselves as we are of their need to protect themselves. We go into Monday with an open mind and a willingness to move quickly and decisively."

He went on to tell me there are aspects of the deal that he has heard that differ from the rumored one on the blog, but he would not divulge that information. When I asked, "What percentage is different?" he said about 15-20% from what he had heard...

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