Friday, April 15, 2005


Mixed Signals

This from an NHL player...he is one of the ones who has always had issues with the strategy of his leadership group...there are many opinions out there, and I will say that most guys, in our conversations, are strongly behind the group...

This player is a bit concerned that the NHLPA may have seen a hole in the owner's resolve...and instead of continuing with the current progress may try and exploit this...I agree with him that this could be a big mistake..

"There's some optimism that we're going to gain leverage from the entry draft situation. A lot of the guys think that the owners greed will be put to the forefront as they squabble over who gets the top pick. The problem is that could get in the way of recent progress. We went from (in my opinion) a situation where we were ready to work with a new concept, to now, thinking that we have some "control", a potentially dangerous attitude. I still think our leadership is the biggest roadblock, but I've been saying that since March. I don't think he'll be able to keep his job if we're not playing by October and I don't think that fact escapes him."

There were other rumblings late last night that not all may be optimistic...

One Source said this: "I sense things have taken a turn for the worse ... heading into the april 20th meeting."

Yet John LeClair went on a local station here in Philly and said, "talks are going in the right direction" and he expects a season.

Bobby Orr said, "The NHL will be back in October" on ESPN during the Yanks/Sox game..,.

So what does all this mean?

It means things are heating up...and Tuesday is a very important day...and both sides are nervous about the other...and that is not a bad thing....nervousness in this case translates to a seriousness we have yet to see in these negotiations...I think what we are seeing is this Tuesday could be a very, very long day...

In player news...Alexander Mogilny in strongly considering retirement today following a very difficult surgery on his hip last september. What I remember best about Alexander was his daring escape from the Soviet Union. Mogilny/Fedorov/Bure--Was there ever a better line than those three when they played together over in Russia?

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