Friday, April 15, 2005


Media on Ice-Paul Hendrick

Today's guest is truly a love hockey personality in Toronto. Paul Hendrick from Leaf TV.

PE: How did you end up covering hockey?
PH: i started covering junior a hockey in sault ste marie working for ckcy television and radio.
terry crisp was the coach of the greyhounds back then....ron francis was a 16 year old on the team ...rick tochett was there a year later and john vanbiecebrouk was the goaltender.

PE: What do you enjoy about covering hockey?
PH: there is no better game to watch when it is played properly. the people involved in the sport are also top-rate to deal with. and as a canadian who grew up with it and still play it...getting an opportunity to see it at the elite level across north america is a real privledge.

PE: What has been the biggest frustration covering the lockout?
PH: the biggest frutration the past 7 months is knowing that a deal was there to be done and instead of inching closer toward compromise....both sides took the other tact and regressed in opposite directions.

PE: Do you feel the NHL and the PA have been honest with the press?
PH: i'm sure both sides haven't been entirely honest with the media but i have no problem with that. the press is utilized to further each of their goals and we need both parties to do our jobs. its an uneasy alliance...never perfect but those are the ground rules.

PE: Has the media done a good job covering this lock-out?
PH: i think the media has done as good a job as they could have. given the secrecy of what's going on we as have the fans have been left to posture about what really is going on....we're just sick and tired of it right now as are the fans.
lets get a deal done and back to work this fall.

PE: How have your job responsibilities changed?
PH: job responsibilities have taken me away from covering the game and focusing on the business side of things. i host a show on leafs tv called "the reporters". we literally filled 2 hours every sunday morning talking about the lockout and its every implication.....i'd love to voice over a high-lite for a change !

PE: With all the layoffs, do you fear for your job?
PH: the lockout did force me to the sidelines this winter like many of my colleagues....leafs tv kept me in the loop in hosting "the reporters".

PE: Do you want to cover hockey when it returns or cover another sport?
PH: i certainly want to get back to covering hockey again....i'll look back on this year as a blip and a chance to spend some valuable time with family....but i miss the routine of covering the leafs.

PE: Do you think the your relationship with the players or owners will be strained because of an anger you feel if/when hockey resumes?
PH: i don't think our relationship with the players or owners will be affected greatly.....regardless of who you side with the bottom line finds all of us wanting to get back to work. harboring grudges as we go ahead will accomplish nothing. both sides have merits to their arguments....i respect both because inevitably we've all got to be on the same page when the league gets going again.

PE: As Hockey God..what are the solutions to fix the CBA and the sport ?
PH: as a hockey god....we need a relationship between both players and owners which is more transparent. the THEM against US attitude has to change and both sides have got to unite to enable this game to grow. smaller goaltending equipment and enforcing obstruction are needed especially on the smaller north american rinks.

Monday's guest from the LA Times Helene Elliott

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