Thursday, April 07, 2005


Interview Part 2 plus What to Expect Today

Q: So what is the bone that the Owners could give them?
A: The Franchise Player exception would serve many purposes. The lower guys would love to get the big money contract out of the mix, and the stars, or wanna be stars, will be happy that the chance to win the lottery exists.
Q: What will the game look like when it comes back in your opinion?
A: I think it is going to be better hockey than we've seen since the late 80s. The Lightning winning the cup with a great group of talented players has sent the message out to reward talent again. Many of the good young talent is coming...Healy, Nash, Crosby, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Jeff Carter and Richards joining Gagne and Pittkanen in your town.....That combined with certain rules to open up the game, The refs calling the game, and the pent up energy of a season will be fun hockey and the fans sure deserve that much.
Q:The Nets?
A:Never going to happen. Just a message from the NHL that anything is possible...Throw out big nets and blue ice doesn't look so bad to the purist...Typical NHL move...go to extremes...Reducing the goalie pad size is neeeded.
Q:So the question everyone is asking...Deal or no Deal?
A:They will get it together. Replacement hockey isn't really an option. The only way that happens is complete chaos. Guys will be replaces in the process before you see replacements. And with the PAs new determination and the NHL beginning to grasp what replacement players mean...there will be NHL hockey in October...
So today are the GM meetings and they are being joined by the players as they discuss how to sell the game...There is plenty of positive energy coming from Detroit. And the NHL and the PA will be meeting today and tommorow in Detroit as well....Word is Goodenow will split duties between the meetings...I will report on anything that finds its way out.

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