Monday, April 25, 2005


Happy Monday

Hey all, I am back from the dead, having watched way too many DVDs (the entire third and fourth seasons of the Simpsons-a great way to pass the hours when you can't lift your head) And I sorted through many, many emails...

So here goes...The two sides will resume face to face in Austria. (anyone send me a ticket, and I'll cover it for ya!) and there is some frustration from the NHL side mounting...from a top source, "He is the master of wasting time -- all to the detriment of the players. The theory that this "delay" hurts the owners and benefits the players is misguided and backwards. I hope somebody on that side realizes it soon."

Somebody does...this five-time all star player, "Any deal made from this point forward is a CBA/partnership. We need the league to make money, we need them to sell tickets or the next year cap will be ridiculous. We want to get this done now. Our leadership knows it. Bob is being misrepresented left and right."

Another source shed some light on Goodenow. "It is hard for people to remember the NHL pre-Goodenow and how the players were grossly under-paid. It wasn't that long ago, and the older players remember it and that goes a long way towards their support. In recent years it got out of hand, but for years the players were taken for granted. That being said there are many out there that thinks the PA has suffered from a lack of an end game in the last year. They are at the end now, and Bob needs to end it."

Another player, who I talked to often, said he wants to get it done so that some sort of free hockey tournament could be organized by the teams to get the public awareness of the NHL back before the summer... "Even if we have some open practices in May and June at our arenas, we need people to see the best players back on the ice."

Website Update. Getting closer all the time...stay tuned. Until the website opens I will be selling the Insider e-mail service for $10...Once it opens, depending on the number of subscribers, the price may go up. We need serious hosting to stay afloat with an average of 20,000-50,000 visitors over the last month. The next month will be crucial in the CBA talks.

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