Wednesday, April 13, 2005


A Goodenow Trick?

There are reports swirling around the internet that Goodenow has played the owners in last week's meetings and that the progress noted was fake. I have spent much of the night looking into it...talking to sources whom I DO trust, and I think these talks are people extrapolating too much from a Bob McKenzie article yesterday. Bob drew a natural conclusion, one based on history, that the PA's linkage proposal was simply set out to help them fight impasse....I, being one who was played by the PA before, felt it important to check it out. My results just isn't the case...the progress was real, the two sides are still engaged in private talks that will go to public talks with great intensity next week leading up to ths all important BOG meetings...The two sides have decided to meet not face to face but through teleconference and e-mail exchanges yesterday and today...and it continues to go well...

Even the NHL has mounted a pr campaign against this by leaking to CBC, Fox, Slam and TSN over the last eight hours that when the two sides meet next week they will be discussing a new kind of proposal...If Goodenow was doing anything, he may have been leaking this myth in order to put more pressure on the NHL. The NHL needs good vibes right now as they begin to sell their next season...and that goes to help the players as well....

A source this morning said the private talks were "informative and there is alot of groundwork being laid so that should the talks prior to the BOG go smoothly this can wrapped up sooner than later."

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