Sunday, April 10, 2005


The Draft Part 2

This debate is far from over. Bettman doesn't have to guts to say it in the room with everyone else, but Toronto, Philly, and Detroit have his ear, and will have his ear...It is an interesting debate...Is it better for Crosby to be on Nashville or Detroit? It goes right to the core of the debate that plagues the sport.

Is it better to expand fan interest into new places or build upon where the fans have always been great to insure that future generations in hockey cities watch the sport?

As I sit here and type I don't know the answer...I have an opinion...I think hockey should once and for all realize it will never be national sport in the US...Forget national TV contracts. Make your own network. The fans who love hockey will watch it constantly. The money generated from an NHL network would be far more than any contract. Plus the pay-per-view world is out there. Charge a "Buck for Puck" so that any game can be seen in any home for $1.

I believe in building where you are strong...

Quite a few players are sounding more and more confident a deal will get done, Both sides appear to be looking to May 1 as a date to tie things up, but I am hearing that might be conservative...

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