Thursday, April 14, 2005


The Bone to Throw

The two sides will meet again on Tuesday leading up to the BOG meetings...These talks will be the most telling to will be a fun day around here and on the e-mail group.. Everything I am hearing is still optimism from both sides...I had a player e-mail me late last night stating that the PA is united.."there is no mutiny afoot, that is wishful thinking by some. most players think we have given up too much."

I also talked to several folks regarding an idea going around that the best bone the NHL could throw the PA is to get rid of the 24% rollback..."I think it is a definite possibilty," a source said last night, "There are many less players under contract. The concern is how the cap and arbitration is affected...A deal could be made where teams could allow previous contracts to count against the cap at 75% if the need room, or 100% to make their floor....And all previous salaries could not be used in arbitration cases....It has been discussed this week"

if you want a sample of the insider e-mail, e-mail

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