Friday, April 08, 2005


Big Day Today...

Big day today...these negotiations/talks have had a tough time sustaining momentum..I expect that momentum to continue today and perhaps into next week, where rumor has it they may return to NY.

There was a rumor floating around that Bettamn was kidding with Goodenow about the Vaive incident last night...

I have collected some of my favorites journalists, who were nice enough to go on the record for me, and asked ten questions about their jobs, the lock-out, and the state of Hockey. The series, was a result of a weeks worth of conversations we had together regarding a story i am doing for Inside Hockey about the media and the lock-out..I found so many varying answers and so many great opinions i have decided to go beyond the story, put my opinions aside and let the scribes and voices of hockey talk for themselves. Friday's guest is Philadelphia Inquirer, Flyers writer Tim Panaccio...check in around noon

I hope to get a progress report around lunchtime in regards to today's talks.

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