Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Will the NHL Ever Come Back?

Some agents are telling their clients not to expect it to. They believe either the players are going to form their own league or the NHL will return as a new product altogether...A source who spoke to a prominant agent recently said there are enough players who don't need to go back to the NHL to make a good living but are open to other incarnations of a league. He also implied that this same sentiment runs through the owners or at least some of them anyway. His belief and message to his clients was that hockey would not come back.

I don't think this is the case...Fact is there is too much money in the NHL product for both sides to attempt to start over.

From another source regarding this weeks meetings.."saskin is in NY today to attend the world sports congress ... which implies he might stay over for a meeting w/league later in week and will be joined by goodenow ... no meeting today because of sports congress."

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