Wednesday, March 16, 2005



According to a source: "The two sides exchanged e-mails today in preparation for tomorrow's meeting. It is expected that the NHLPA will come back with some answers to questions that were given them at last weeks 90 minute session. Goodenow is playing extreme hardball, but word is the players below him are softening their stance in private. They want him to get this done ASAP...all but a few that are hellbent on starting their own league."

Another source: "I expect Goodenow to come with some fresh new ideas. The PA took on much criticism for not having brought a proposal forward since December. It is their turn. I am working on getting some specifics of the new deal..."

Stay tuned.

PS. Thanks to all who have already bought t-shirts and hats (Even though the "Eklund is a Fraud" shirt leads the pack...) We have already in a few hours raised close to a $100 for Youth Hockey.

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