Thursday, March 17, 2005


Talks Don't Go Well

"Well Goodenow is up to his old tricks." one source told me just now. He said that despite the NHL asking him to come with something substantive to the table he instead re-iterated his opinion that the NHL needs to make the next proposal. Good Grief. This despite what I firmly believe is an NHLPA proposal that is virtually done. So why is he waiting?

Today Bettman made two proposals, a de-linked deal at 37.5 million (there's that number) per team cap or a linked deal at 54 per cent.

One source said this "met one on one at 1030am-1pm, Goodenow-Bettman, Daly-Saskin
Goodenow said that they are not in NY to talk that they are there for the NHL to accept the players last offer of Feb. 14th, Bettman said no thanks. PA leaves. Goodenow thinks the owners will cave because linkage is still off the table, Goodenow is ......(foolish) . Bettman is trying to get a deal done and Goodenow is stroking his own ego.
On April 20th, the NHL will announce impasse, the lockout is over, training camps open up on Sept. 15

I have tried to remain neutral, at times siding with each party. I fully don't believe the NHL negotiated in good faith at all in this whole process. I think they threw a number of 42.5 out there as a number that would play well in the press, all the while they screwed with the other parts of the deal making it virtually impossible to accept for the players. I feel terrible for the players, but Bob has to rise above this game and come to the table with something that will stop this impasse from coming. There are friends of mine that have been saying he is gun shy after the 24% was used against him. get over it...the only way this gets done is if the players lay out an out-of-the box plan to save the NHL. Stop talking about the WHA, THE NHLPA league, and show the fans that you want to save the NHL. If you don't the fans will not support you in your other endeavors.

In this new age of sports, fans are fans of teams, more than they are of players. And it is not the fan's fault when you consider that when most of us were kids players stayed with teams longer than they ever will again. I grew up worshipping the Flyers. If Bobby Clarke had signed with the Maple Leafs when he turned 28 I would have been destroyed. Kids now don't get that anymore. Only Steve Yzerman is still on his team. Now we spend $150 for a jersey, and the guy is gone in a few years. How many jerseys do you have in your closet of players that aren't on your team anymore?

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