Thursday, March 31, 2005


Rumored NHLPA Proposal

Again...ONLY A RUMOR..

I have heard several rumors, bu this one kind of ties many of them together, and I am therefore comfortable posting it...I sent this out to the e-mail people an hour ago, and have gotten some confirmation from within the player ranks...I am waiting on further confirmation before taking this out of the rumor category...i have also talked to one respected NHL reporter that said he heard 42 yesterday as the cap number, and that he doubted that the NHL would allow the 24% to be off the table..Although, you need to consider, with all the Free agents now the 24% becomes less and less a factor..

Here is the rumor
$ 39.8 million per team salary cap plus $ 2.2 million/team for player benefits.
$ 34.0 million per team salary floor
each team may designate a franchise player each season, salary not included in cap but taxed at 50% -distributed equally to all 30 teams.
0% rollback of existing salaries
unrestricted free agency at age 27, or six pro seasons, whichever first
entry level contracts capped at $ 1.2 million including performance bonuses
rfa qualifying offers at 75%, baseball style arbitration
5 year contract limit
60/40 home/away team revenue sharing for all regular season gate revenue.
100% league wide revenue sharing from playoff revenue.

the players apparently feel that the franchise player exemption will still allow high spending teams to have payrolls in the $52 million range with benefits, and this is how it's being sold internally

they feel this offer can be the basis of an agreement. they are prepared to negotiate away the team revenue sharing, since they really don't care with the salary floor, go back up to the 24% rollback, and lower the salary floor to $ 30 million per team.

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