Sunday, March 13, 2005


Players Pressuring For A Deal

At least half of them are, according to a player I talked to at length last night. He said Goodenow has been telling them individually to have some patience, but if these next rounds don't go anywhere, Goodenow will be in serious trouble...The prospect of replacement hockey doesn't work well for third and fourth liners. "The AHL guys that are playing are gaining on us in the depth charts, and the new kids coming in are strong as well...and worse than that they are playing while we sit around and get fat and lazy, "he continued, "I will tell you this, and star player that gets p****d at me fro crossing come the fall better grow up and realize my entire life, my family's future and all else's is at stake here, and I am not going to throw my family away so that the Crosbys of the world make 9 million instead of 6. We are crossing. I have to or I am f***D..I hate the guys that run the NHL, but I've hated other bosses, and I still cash their checks. I hope someone does a study in the future of just how many role player's careers will be lost by just the one year off. Even if this was your only year in the NHL, just playing a single season (before someone else takes your job) opens doors for you down the line...You can coach, run a camp, something..... if you can say you were in the NHL.."

After talking to him into the wee hours of the morning my optimism returned that we will see hockey, good hockey again this fall. I really do believe that many will cross and play. And I also think Goodenow and company know they need to make a deal. I also am optimistic that they will get it done soon. The only cards the PA hold are before May 1. This is their shot to make a deal, not as solid as they may have back in Feb, but much better than the one that they could make in September. I am also growing more and more certain that impasse will be declared in May, not in September. The NHL will say they need to do it now to assure sales for the next season...that is totally logical.

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