Thursday, March 31, 2005


The NHL Paradigm

It is early spring in feels like play-off hockey....

All words this morning and last night are saying that Monday's meeting will be the turning point of this fiasco (and i use the term lightly) Essentially my friends who are in the NHL office and friends who should still work there have been telling me that a team of lawyers has been working around the clock to make the impasse case a stone-cold-lock. One said, "All these NLRB filings are the final moves needed to be done to make the case. They have nothing left to do except wait for Monday. The deal coming from the PA will have to be stronger than strong because, in their minds, they have this won already. They feel pretty confidant that replacement hockey will bring in some NHLers and they can rebuild the league better than ever. Of course, it would be easier to sell the real NHL to the sponsors and fans come May, so the NHL will listen very carefully to the offer, if it is the kind of offer that they can work with and negotiate off of they will give it a shot...but if it is obvious the PA is waiting for the NHL to make a new offer, it is doubtful that will occur. There have been a few ideas floating around from the NHL side, but the likelihood that the NHL brings them out on Monday is very slim."

I will be checking back in as the day goes on...

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