Friday, March 04, 2005


NHL for Sale?

Not really. But one really has to wonder alot about this 3-3.5 Billion Dollar deal. There is no way that certain owners would ever sell. There are people who love hockey and love owning hockey teams among the 30. Actually only about 6 of them would probably consider such a proposal. So why was it given credence?

From one source.."The proposal was interesting in the fact that it woke up alot of the owners. Remember the last time they checked their league's estimated worth was close to five billion. You only sell for three if you think you are dead in the water when you return from the lock-out."

A friend of mine from the NHL office told me this. "Bettman did it for a simple reason. He wants the owners to know where they are. He is bracing them for what is coming. He and Goodenow have been discussing options to end this, and the players hold all the cards again. The deal needs to be made quickly and everyone knows it. The next season has to be sold. Bettman allowed this proposal to be heard as a way to soften the coming blow."

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