Thursday, March 24, 2005


New Info Regarding PA Meeting

From a Source:"Many thought the NHLPA was in Palm Springs, however they were in Monterey, and the PA golfed at Pebble Beach today. Also new info. coming to light, the PA has until April 8th to accept one of the two proposals and then they are off the table and $37.5million turns into $32.5million and 54% becomes 50%...As of 630pm EST, the NHLPA meeting at Pebble Beach was still underway. President Trevor Linden was joined at this week's meetings by executive committee vice-presidents Bill Guerin, Vincent Damphousse, Bob Boughner, Arturs Irbe and Trent Klatt. Also present was NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow, senior director Ted Saskin, associate counsels Ian Pulver and Ian Penny, director of business relations Mike Gartner and outside counsel John McCambridge."

The meetings concluded around 9:30...talking to another source, "They got quite passionate and spirited today as the pressure begins to mount" I'd say continues to mount

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