Friday, March 11, 2005


It'll be just like starting over...

The two sides will sit across from each other again today after three days of rumored discussions via e-mail. Life is settling down in the Eklund household as well, and I will be able to begin reporting again on a more diligent basis. I will also start responding to the hundreds of e-mails I have gotten over the past three weeks...I am going to launch a website shortly as well...If you have anything you'd like to see from a hockey website let me know...E-mail me at

The question today is where will these talks go. There has been a great deal of posturing over the last few weeks, as the sides have been acting out scenarios implying these talks will go nowhere. Replacement players, NHLPA Leagues, WHA tournys, NHL for Sale, etc...As these talks start today it is the players who hold the leverage, with the owners needing a deal in place by May to sell next season. Yet the players are also really pushing Goodenow for a deal..some players off the record are saying that this will be settled in the next month, citing a new proposal the PA has in the works.

I will report throughout the day on developments. I will be reconnecting with contacts over the next few weeks, and trying to ramp up my coverage as best I can. It will be an interestinf few weeks...

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