Monday, March 07, 2005


Is this where we are heading?

Interesting twist...There are increasing rumors around that Bain and Game Plan are approaching some of the richer teams looking for money to throw in to the 3.5Billion dollar deal. These kinds of rumors are very hard to source wrote this to me: "Bain and Game Plan have approached the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund (who currently own 58% of the Leafs) to toss in some Canadian coin for the take over bid."

So maybe, just maybe this is where this is going...Bain and Gameplan go to the teams like the Leafs that would never sell, and make them partners. Basically, this could go a long way towards an earlier theory that the big teams want to buy out the lesser teams...maybe this was the plan...This is all just speculation, and I'd love to be told otherwise but say you take the 3.5B and combine it with money from exosting franchises, and essentially buy out the week partners, no teliminating the teams, but eliminating their owners...Interesting..

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