Friday, March 18, 2005


I bet they settle this...

I have spoken with some people tonight, and I am really starting to believe that there is a deal to be made here, and that although both sides are making plans to the contrary, we will see a resolution, not an impasse. I think the players are really pushing now...I got word from a solid source you all know that wrote this in an e-mail this afternoon, " I have spoken with a current player who was in Toronto for the meetings and he told me that the players know that if they don't have a deal by the end of May that the owners are going to put them in a strangle hold. None of them are willing to go a 2nd year without the NHL."

If I had to bet something I'd bet that we don't see replacement players, and instead we see the NHL back at full strength come October. The players are going to make it happen.

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