Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Eklund Stuff

Today I introduce the new merchandise section of the blog. I am selling stuff and portion of the profits go towards youth hockey in the US and CANADA. Growing up, many of us in the US had to play street hockey because it was way too expensive down here. I feel the new CBA, if it contains a luxury tax, should put a portion of that money into youth hockey programs. Imagine if the expansion money had been spent on this instead of lining the pockets of already existing franchises? The communities of Nashville, Carolina, Florida, and others could have benefitted for years.

Anyway, the t-shirts and stuff are all in good can even buy an "Eklund is a Fraud" shirt, or "I was an NHL Player (and all I got was this lousy t-shirt)."or "Impasse Rules!" many take that hard earned money that you aren't spending on tickets and visit our new store...

So if you know Gary or Bob or a player or an agent have some fun with them!

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