Wednesday, March 30, 2005


E-Mail Updates

I have had many requests for a service that would send readers of the blog automatic e-mail updates whenever I update the blog...How many times do I hear..."I must hit refresh ten times a day."? Well as we move forward with the new website, and the new NHL/PA talks this is now a service that I will provide...In fact I will e-mail you as details come to me so you will be updated more often than the blog... In the blog I often wait until I gather a few topics to write about, and I can only write some stuff... For a donation of $10 (hit the donate button in the upper right) your name will be added to the e-mail list...This charge may go up when the website comes around depending on my expenses hiring writers, and hosting a site needing a great deal of bandwith...I WILL NEVER CHARGE FOR THE BLOG...But for the next week or so e-mail updates will only be $10 for life...You are encouraged to donate more if you choose, anything above $10 will go towards youth hockey programs...

If you have a youth hockey program in need of money e-mail me at!

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