Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Coming to a Head...

I am hearing strong rumblings that the NHLPA will ask for a meeting today, and present their new proposal this week. From one source, "The NHL is scrambling and trying to get all their complaints to the NLRB before the new offer...Word is the new PA offer is stronger than anything in the past and will put the NHL in a tricky spot. It will harm their impasse hopes. The PA meetings last week were very unifying and they spent a good day on just what they need to do to make the impasse route harder...Both sides are feeling the extreme heat at this point...The top owners, Detroit, Colorado, and Toronto are saying they will go along with the replacement players, but are very unhappy about it. They want Gary to get the best deal he can at this point."

Another rumor is going around that the NHL has given the PA a Friday deadline to present the counter offer or they will declare impasse.

As for the details, I have heard it will be a 45M rolling cap with intense rev sharing. Doesn't sound too appealing does it? There are other interesting aspects of the deal that will make it more appealing, but unfortunately, in respect for the progress, I have been asked to keep the Off the Blog for now...Stay tuned, and check back later...

In Hockey news (remember Hockey) Joe Thornton and Steve Yzerman are going to the Worlds. Stevey Y will be the captain...How I wish they would televise this in the US! We truly need an NHL network.

I also have several calls out to my top sources today to discuss some other rumblings that I can't speak of yet...

Visit the new message board...It is a great design, and truly user friendly...We already have some great hockey talk going on...You can discuss a blog without being shunned...:)


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