Sunday, March 06, 2005


The Baffling "Offer"

This from a top agent...

"The companies involved in the “offer” are Bain and Game Plan LLC.  Game Plan is a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in overseeing the sales of sports business entities. In fact, they have been involved in a number of the recent NHL sales including that of the Ottawa Senators. Accordingly, they enjoy a very close relationship with Bettman and Co. I would think that they would be crazy to take any action detrimental to the NHL bargaining position. Gary is involved in every sale from the earliest talks and he could sever Game Plan’s future involvement (and income) with no effort. 

Next, Game Plan generates its revenue -- in most cases -- based upon percentages of the franchise value involved in the respective sale. So, they too would probably subscribe to Gary’s plan to crush the union, slash payroll and drastically increase franchise value over time. 

Finally, the temporal scope of the presentation strikes me as the phoniest element of the equation. One-half hour to discuss a 3.5 billion dollar deal? One would spend more time buying an automobile, stereo, or even a home computer. To me, this was clearly an orchestrated play.

What strikes me as curious is what PR benefit Gary B. thinks he’ll receive from this. I thought perhaps the Clubs could say to their fans that they don’t want to sell. But, we all know a number of Clubs can be had for a pittance. Witness the blocked transfer of the Anaheim franchise."


We all know that we will never see certain teams selling their franchises. NEVER. And I'm starting to wonder what exactly their was to gain by bringing such an offer to the table? Does Bettman want to be able to say, "The league is stil strong, people even want to buy it." But the offer was so low, that it doesn't make the league look strong, unless Gary doesn't thibk the league is worth more than 3.5B...maybe he has become so frustrated by the whole situation that it has come to this. I understand that he owes it to his owners to bring any substrantial offer to the meeting, bu this is neither substantial nor is it any way feasible...very confusing..I know Bill reads this...please e-mail me and explain this...

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