Thursday, March 24, 2005


Ask an Update

First, the most common question I get is, "How optimistic are you that this or that will happen?" I have added the "Eklund Optimism Chart" on the right, and I will update it as things develop...maybe several times a day. This will be a good way for me to tell you of inside goings on even when I can't actually reveal certain information "on the record..."

Here is a great question I got today...

Q: I am a fan recently turned on to your site and have found it interesting and useful. I was just wanting to ask to what extent do you think that you and your siteĀ are ever consciously used to float misinformation in hopes of test-floating new ideas or for some other reason for manipulation? anyhow, i really appreciate your passion for the sport.

Pelle: Unfortunately it is happening more and more. When the blog started it was easier to post certain things and differentiate the rumors that came to me as either legit or posturing...I spend more time than ever trying to verify sources...I get between 100 and 300 e-mails a day. I have been used in the past by some of the best sources out there, so it is very frustrating...This is a high stakes game and with an average of 22,000 people visiting a day, both sides are starting to play me in the same way they play the mainstream media. I will do the best I can to allude their game, but can I get caught? Absolutely. There is one HUGE example, when I said the season would be uncancelled back in February. If i was to tell you the various sources that told me the deal was done, you would be shocked...Some were playing me, others were being played and passed that along to me..I know the guys at the Hockey News and ESPN have similar stories...

Anyway, to answer another question...the meeting in Palm Springs is not a vacation. They aren't sipping Appletinis and toasting to "old time hockey." They went there to find a new way of looking at this. These meetings are very serious. It doesn't look great, from a PR perspective, to meet at a golf resort, but they are just trying to get away and think. I have heard a little of what has been discussed and I can tell you there is progress with the ranks.

Finally, I am not one to plug things, but I added a link in the upper right of the blog to one of the best hockey books to come down the pike...The book is perfect for what ails us all...It is a history of Team Canada written by a great hockey mind, Kevin Gibson...treat yourself...visit

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