Friday, March 18, 2005


Ask Pelle...and an Update

Question: Sources tell Sportsnet the NHLPA will conduct a three-day meeting next week with its executive committee beginning Tuesday in Toronto. Any comment on this one?

Answer: This fits in well with what some players have been telling me...They have been saying for the last week that another offer from the PA is coming. An offer that contains new concepts. An offer Bob has told agents will end the lock-out. I am hoping this is true. I expected the offer yesterday. What are they waiting for? My guess is either they can't agree with aspects of the new proposal or Bob wants to make the NHL sweat...

I received nearly a dozen e-mails from those connected to both parties and explaining each of their sides is getting easier.

The NHLPA feels that they have never been given an honest offer. They are always saying words like "Gary never came to play. He always wanted it all. He never gave us a deal we could work with. The owners won't share among themselves. We gave our best offer by cutting back 24%." They also say the NHL makes take it or leave it offers.

The NHL feels that the players just say "no" and never negotiate. They feel that the PA has only made a single offer where they, the NHL, have made numerous offers. They feel Goodenow is unwilling to negotiate off of any offer he didn't initiate. The NHL wants to sit in a room and negotiate a deal until it is done. They feel Goodenow is scared to do this, so he just walks away.

That is it in a nutshell. I, speaking for the rest of the hockey world if I may be so bold, says, "Get over it."

There is reason to believe that this may be happening, and the NHLPA may bring something that the two sides can work with next week. For all of our sakes, you owe us that much.

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