Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Ask Pelle...

What kind of details can you share about MLB Union's involvement with this lock-out?

Unfortunately they are way too connected. It is really ridiculous. Let me make this rather crude analogy. The MLB is the rich brother with a drug problem going to the younger struggling brother for money...The Baseball Players and Fehr have been hard selling the idea that the NHLPA needs to hold its ground so that the baseball players get a better deal coming up next CBA. Fehr and Goodenow are so close that as rumors went around in February that Goodenow was fired by Gartner, rumors also swirled that Fehr will offer Goodenow a job.

And it isn't just the players side. The owners as well have had rumored talks with the baseball owners through this. Rumors of the fantastic nature that money has been promised from the MLB Owners to help the NHL Owners stand firm have circulated, but have never been able to be substantiated.

If I was the NHL, I would ask the MLB for a part of their TV money for all they are doing.

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