Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Players Preparing a Super League?

Just when I said there was nothing to talk about........

There are strong feelings tonight that the players are considering their own league in 2004-2005.

This from a source..."There is a growing faction of players that are contacting arenas about the possibilty of renting event time for a league that would run from September to January consisting of 12 teams."

And another source: "The North Americans in Europe won't go back, and the chance is great that if the CBA is not resolved until January the players will have more leverage if they are playing already. There have been talks of a 40 game schedule with all the games played on Tuesday and Saturday Nights, with the top 8 teams making the play-offs...They are contacting smaller 10,000 seat arenas, and the players would play for a piece of the gate. The players playing would also filter some money to the NHLPA members not playing.."

I wonder if this is at all tied tp the agents being invited to the NHLPA meetings?

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