Tuesday, February 22, 2005


A Nords Fan

Hi Pelle,

First of all, thanks for your works to keep us optimistic.  I try to write you this letter in a “good” English, but It is not my first language so sorry in advance.

I hoped that the NHL does not come to cancel this season, but that was to arrive live in Quebec City, where there are 10 years, a NHL team left this city. The rivalry between Montreal Canadiens and Quebec Nordiques was one of the greatest in the NHL. In Province of Quebec, we all remembered the series of the Good Friday, the refused goal of Alain Côté by Kerry Fraser, the three Stastny brothers, Montreal fan family who didn’t speak with the Quebec fan family or in 1993, when the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Quebec Nordiques in 6 games after having lost the two first games in this series. Montreal and Quebec City are being separated by a few 235 km. The journalists of the two cities were in war. The players and coaches were themselves in wars of words via the media. But, the Quebec Nordiques disappeared. Why? Because the salary of the players raised, Marcel Aubut (President) knew well that the franchise could not survive. Then the Quebec Nordiques moved in Colorado and the following year, they won the Stanley Cup… What a nightmare! “Le Colisée de Quebec” was always full, but the franchise did not survive. By reminding me this, I think this lockout is not so bad and maybe, after this conflict, we will be able to hope that towns, great hockey town like Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hartford can found their team.

Now, I’m a Montreal Canadian fan but I still hope that the owner will succeed in having a salary cap, so my dream can be realized again: the NHL in Quebec.

I hope it will be on your websites.  You can correct my mistake.

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