Sunday, February 27, 2005


A Break in the Owner's Ranks

Rumors swirled last night that a group of owners from a few of the NHLs most prosperous teams held their own conference call last night to get their (no pun) ducks in a row going into this Tuesday's BOG meeting. Having talked to several people at four different teams their is a growing conscensus that Bettman "forgot who he came to the dance with."

On source (obviously not giving his name) put it this way. "We make money here...Alot of it, and we are sick of dragging our weekest links around. Some of these cities are great hockey towns, but they don't have the numbers or the TV situations to merit them being part of the NHL. We should re-evaluate and place strong AHL franchises in thes towns. It will never happen, but it is going to be the pink elepant in the room on Tuesday. Because of the weekest links, the mighty are falling...that isn't any way to run a major league. If this isn't changed many of us need to consider other options. We are talking to understand those at this time. Our fans and our players deserve at least that much."

Tuesday will be fun...

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